Bio-Sculpture Gel

The first ever UV curing, soakable colour gel was introduced to the world in 1988 and has been winning awards internationally ever since! Lasting up to 3 weeks this gel system gives you great looking nails without damaging the natural nail.

Bio-Sculpture is a non-acrylic Gel. When applied onto your own nails, it strengthens without damage.

Durable, flexible and chip-proof on both your own nails or tips. Keep that well-manicured look for 3-4 weeks.

Free aftercare appointment is offered for first-time appointments

Hand Biosculpture Treatment Price
Clear overlays on your own nails £50.00
Colour gel overlays on your own nails £50.00
French gel overlays on your own nails £48.00
Tip extensions with clear, colour or french gel £80.00
Single Nail Repair £12.00
Single Tip Extension and Gel Overlay £22.00
Soak off and Tidy £22.00

Toes Biosculpture Treatment Price

Clear/Colour Overlays

-Including soak off.


French overlays                       

- Including soak off.


Sculpted nail on toe                         


Additional Services for Hands & Feet

 Treatment Price

Callus Peel (1 area)

Callus Peel (2 areas)




Paraffin Treatment