Sienna X Tan

Sienna X Tan

Sienna X Tan

Sienna X Tan offers you the next generation with options for depth of tan required

The newest of these is called “Tonight's the Night.” This allows you to be tanned and then shower off after 2-4 hours. The tan will carry on developing without any bronzer coming off on your clothes.

The options are 8, 10, 12%. These shades take 8 hours to develop before showering. Sienna X is the same tan that is used in Urban Retreat in Harrods; the team from 'Strictly Come Dancing' also use it and love it.

This tan only takes 15 mins!

A therapist can be with you at all times, most ladies wear a thong or nothing but gentlemen we ask that you wear underpants or swimming trunks if a therapist is with you. You will leave with a colour called a bronzer, this is not your tan, your fake tan will develop underneath the bronzer and takes 8 hours. Many people sleep with the bronzer on and shower it off in the morning. The bronzer leaves very little staining and easily washes out if it should come off on anything.

Once your tan has fully developed lightly shower in order for the bronzer to be removed. With a flannel and the water gently wash the bronzer off, this will reveal your proper tan. When all the bronzer has gone then use your products to wash. Dab yourself dry with a towel rather than rub. Moisturise as often as you want, this is one of the key ways to prolonging your tan.

The tan will last for 5-10 days.

FULL BODY  £30.00

HALF BODY  £15.00

* Exfoliation required 24 hours prior to treatment

*Patch test requried 24 hours prior to treatment


We have two Tan-Sun Symphony Stand-up Sunbeds with the very latest "PowerMax Legs" tubing. (This means that the top is 180 watts and the waist down is 220 watts.)

Times available on this powerful machine are 3-6-9 mins.

Joan and Elaine (the owners) have joined the Sunbed Association and have passed the Advanced Sunbed Training Course as well has passing, with excellence, the Health and Safety exam for Sunbeds.

All advice given is to ensure that you tan as safely as possible.

It's £1 per minute
3 minutes £3.00
6 minutes £6.00
9 minutes £9.00
200 minutes (60 minutes free) £140.00

Pay for 5 sessions receive 1 free

Pay for 10 sessions receive 3 free

Goggles must be worn and these, and creams and oils especially for sunbeds, are on sale.

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